What you'll learn

This ebook will show you how using a project management tool can solve some of the biggest problems facing marketers, such as: 
  • Lack of execution on your marketing strategy

    Learn how project management software can help you break your strategy into manageable projects and tasks to help your team work towards targets. 

  • Managing work with external agencies and freelancers

    Keeping track of external agency deliverables through long email threads and convoluted spreadsheets gets old fast. Discover how a project management tool can enable easier communication and collaboration, while still maintaining your privacy.  

  • Using too many tools

    Sick of switching between 10,000 tools to manage one project? Project management software enables you to create one central location to track your work and collate information and tasks from other sources such as emails, CRM and instant messages. 

Real life job stories
Planning Template
Examples of how to improve conversion
Tips for batter time management

"Even if you're not a project manager, it's likely that - as a marketer - you're always managing projects. Campaigns, events - these are projects in the classic sense, and marketing excellence depends on coordinating and executing on them in a timely manner"

5 Reasons Your Marketing Team Needs Project Management Software

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