What’s it all about?

The StarAlign approach was created with the specific challenges facing most business leaders in mind, and aims to help fast-moving, impact-driven teams address common business operation problems.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to help your team develop, execute, and stay on top of their business initiatives and related projects.

It’s packed with ideas about planning and structuring your project so that it’s aligned with your big picture goals, ensuring that your projects deliver maximum ROI for your business, and staying on track even when reality strikes (spoiler: expect the unexpected).

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What’s inside

Read the ebook to learn more about:
  • The 5 impact-driven principles

    What are they, and how can you use them to ensure the outcomes you want?

  • The importance of goal-setting — and how to do it right

    Improve your ideation with these tips for setting impactful, measurable goals.

  • Putting your plan into action in Teamwork Projects

    From strategy to success: here’s how to action your plan in Teamwork Projects to get measurable results.

  • How to review and audit your project

    Use our handy checklists to quickly check your project’s health and stay on track.


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Build communication into your workflow by starting a chat with a user directly from Teamwork CRM. Use embedded Chat to kick off a conversation with your teammates from anywhere in the app.

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