Mastering the art of remote work

Bring your laptop home

Just as you sign off for the evening, remember to pack your laptop and it’s charging cable before you leave work. With the current fears around Covid-19, it’s possible that you’ll get a late evening memo about working from home - so be prepared.

Set a start time and end time

Remote work is out of your routine. However, it’s important to set a start time and an end time for your working day no matter where you are. This helps you focus and brings structure to your day.

Get up, dress up and show up

Even though you might not be leaving the house, continue your morning routine as if you are. Get out of bed at the same time, shower, get dressed, have breakfast. While you might be out of routine, this allows you to control the things you can control and it sets you up for the working day.

Avoid the urge to do something else

Step away from the laundry or ahem… Netflix. Working away from the teams can be a great opportunity to get work finished but it requires discipline. Make a list of everything work related you want to achieve that day and tick it off as the day goes by. This will help you see how fruitful remote working can be.

Stay connected with colleagues and friends

If you’re used to seeing people on a daily basis, remote work can make you feel isolated. Stay in contact with colleagues throughout the working day or meet a friend for a walk and some fresh air once the working day is over.

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