What's inside

In this ebook, we'll explore:
  • How Michelangelo used project management techniques to paint the Sistine Chapel

    Turn a daunting task into a work of genius by planning strategically, collaborating with stakeholders, and using your resources. 

  • Why Cubism is the perfect metaphor for how marketers need to think

    Learn how Picasso's approach can inspire your next marketing campaign.  

  • What architecture can teach us about creating an incredible customer experience

    Avoid the mistake of putting style over substance by borrowing from these architectural principles. 

Real life job stories
Planning Template
Examples of how to improve conversion
Tips for batter time management

"To create something like the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo had to be able to shift between short-term and long-term tactics. He needed to balance the everyday work, like painting the smaller individual sections, with the ability to zoom out and think strategy. It's a perfect metaphor for the way marketers need to work."

The Art of Marketing: What Great Marketers Can Learn From Great Artists

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