Ray Coppinger

Head of Marketing, Teamwork.com
In the last 10 years, Ray has worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies, like PGi, Marketo, and (of course) Teamwork. His passions lie in content, numbers, and building productive, happy (marketing) teams.
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Jodie Robinson

Group Account Director, Velocity
Before joining Velocity as an account manager, Jodie did in-house marketing for a B2B tech company for 6 years. She was finally drawn agency-side by the prospect of working for multiple clients, on more than one project, and coming to work in jeans and trainers.

What you'll learn

  • The Key Characteristics of Agency Project Management

    How to manage the extra complexity that comes with managing not only your own work, but clients’ work, high volumes of projects, and multiple stakeholders.

  • Insights into the Project Management Function at Velocity

    Learn how Velocity realized they needed a dedicated project management function — and how they established one.

  • Key Challenges

    Resourcing, client-agency alignment, and focusing on the bigger picture are some of the key challenges Jodie identifies.

  • Project Management Methodologies

    Waterfall, agile or a blended approach? Find out how Velocity manage projects for clients as well as internally.

  • Evaluating Project Management Performance

    Learn how to identify when a client is unhappy through tight feedback loops and wash ups.

  • Top Tips for Running Projects in an Agency

    Communication, visibility and honesty are the key elements that Velocity emphasizes when managing projects.

Before Teamwork Projects, we topped out at about 30 active projects running simultaneously. Now our average is 55.

Colum Buckley, COO, Strencom

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